I’m Going to the Olympics!

Persistence pays off. My first try, I made it almost 10 years on the US Ski Team. 5 knee surgeries, 2 Olympic cycles went by and I didn’t go to 2010 or 2014. I gave it a rest, got a real job, and went back to school. A year and a half later, I graduated, and still have the same real job. Almost exactly 2 years after my retirement from the US Freestyle Team, I was given an opportunity to attend the 2018 Olympics.

You might be thinking: Sho- when did you make a comeback? Well, I didn’t. This story isn’t about me. It’s about one of my best friends (I think, at least Wikipedia tells me so). On September 9th, 2017, Jonathan Cheever got 3rd place at the first SBX World Cup of the season in Cerro Catedral, Argentina. The podium officially qualified him for the 2018 Olympic Team, and so far, is the only US male in SBX to do so. A day later, he asked me to be his agent. Of course, I said yes. I finished school a few months before this, so I have the free time to take on this new side project.

Speaking of finishing school, Cheever was the one that made all of my graduation plans happen. I could have picked any city with a DeVry campus to attend a graduation ceremony, and I believe it was his idea to go to San Diego. My car broke down about a week before the trip, so he let me use his truck to commute to work, then let my brother and I drive it down to Vegas. Cheever flew in from Europe to Vegas to join us for the graduation.


I think it was at some point during this graduation trip that this idea came up. I’m still not sure if he or I first brought it up, but the idea was that I would become his agent if he qualified for the Olympics. I also remember him saying that he had other offers from actual agents, but that may not be 100% accurate, that could just be something my ego made up. Cheever may actually remember this from his point of view in his blog.

Anyway, back to the present/recent events. I wasn’t sure how this would go, I haven’t done anything like this for anyone but myself. It’s been a fun challenge, and we’ve met our goals before he gets back into competition. Jonathan has a new exclusive headgear sponsorship with American Standard, which we’re very excited about! (Yes, the toilet and plumbing fixtures company) Jonathan has been a licensed journeyman plumber for about as long as he’s been on the US Snowboarding Team, and also does much of the plumbing work for the Center of Excellence (USSA Headquarters in Park City, UT). Obviously, this creates a ton of opportunity for both sides of this partnership with American Standard! We’ve got a lot of exciting things in the pipeline, with more to come in the next few months.

We were also able to get Jonathan a cover story in the Boston Globe that ran last week! He just did a shoot and story with them during his latest training camp in Colorado. Big thanks to Stan Grossfield and the Boston Globe team.

Jonathan has several events leading up to the Olympics, and the official Team USA announcement will be sometime in the fourth week of January. The Olympic Snowboard Cross event is on February 15th. I just finished booking all the hotels, trains, tickets, fights, etc! This will be my first trip to any Olympics, and I’m looking forward to it. Keep an eye out for this smiling face on the podium.





Until next time,



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