Summer update

I apologize for my lack of updates!  I just checked, and my last update was before my surgery.  I’m now 6 months post-op, and a lot happier.  I’ve started sprinting, single leg jumping, and getting back into a full strength lifting routine.  I’m feeling pretty good, but we’re keeping the impact low.  The ligaments feel strong, but we’re being extra cautious because of the microfracture surgery.  

The summer kept me extremely busy.  I took my usual coaching job up on the glacier of Whistler/Blackhomb mountain.  I was there for 3 weeks.  Every day was packed with things to do, and I could barely squeeze in my workouts and physical therapy.  Immediately after that camp ended, Dave and I took a red-eye flight to Sugarloaf, Maine to coach the trampoline and skate camp.  Those days were packed with activities as well, but I had a 3-5pm block that I had to work out.  A lot more time for myself in comparison to Whistler.  

Looking forward, I will continue to go hard in the gym.  The past 3 months have been pretty tough in the gym because “I don’t need to be fresh for anything”.  No breaks and no brakes.  I’m assuming the next 4-5 months will be tough in the gym too.  We usually go pretty hard through September-October and then start to reel it back a month or so before competition.  I’m not eligible to return to competition until mid-February, so I’ll have a few extra months of gym time.  I’ve been taking my cardio a lot more serious than past years. I’m trying to stay strong, but not get any heavier to keep the load off my knees.  Tests after I got home from Maine showed that It’s paying off.  I want to be cut up before my ski season!

Because I can’t compete in December and January, I decided to continue what I do in the summer and coach for a freestyle program.  I’m still in the process of finalizing where I will be coaching, but it looks like I will be getting a storage unit in Park City again and living out a bag to wherever I will be coaching.  I hope to coach and train at the same time, and be more than ready to return to competition in February.  Our National Championships are at Heavenly, my home resort in Tahoe, at the end of March. I’m looking forward to being on top of my game for such a big event in my backyard!

The next few weeks will have more gym time, a little bit of golf (I just got cleared to golf!), and getting ready for football season.  I do have a trip to Tahoe planned to check up with my surgeon.  I’ll probably spend most of my time with family, hanging out with friends, and maybe some beach time if the weather is still good.  Maybe a broadcast is in the near future… Dave and I have been talking about how long it has been since the last one!  If there is enough response to this (tweet at me @shokashima) we’ll go ahead and set one up soon.  

Thanks for reading, I’ll do a better job at updating now that the season is approaching!


1 thought on “Summer update”

  1. I’m happy things are progressing as planned Sho. I’d enjoy a new broadcast, yes it has been quite a while since your last one.

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