Calgary World Cup/Knee update

Good news and bad news today.  I did get 3rd place, shared the podium with fellow American Jeremy Cota (told you so), and helped my cause in the race for top 3 in the World for the Grand Prix.  I also skied one of the better competition runs I’ve had in a while.

Bad news is that this may be the end of my season.  In the super final (where the top 4 skiers from the 2nd round battle for podium spots) I felt my knee shift and pop right before the bottom jump.  I crashed right before the bottom jump, and I was in sharp pain.  I remembered that my coach told me the skier before me crashed while I was in the gate.  I also didn’t want to get up because I knew I did something to my knee and there was no way I could make any turns.  After a few seconds (which felt like about 2 minutes), I got up on my left leg and finished the course.   I immediately waved for help, and got helped out of the finish area.  They put me in a chair, notified that I couldn’t do worse than 3rd.  I didn’t care.. I was so pissed off that this happened again.  I was overwhelmed by anger and sadness.  Coming off knee surgery just two years ago, and I’m having the season of my life.. and I possibly blew my knee out again.  I couldn’t hold back tears as I thought about the road to get from my last knee surgery.  I spent 9 months of rehab, one really shitty World Cup season, and this offseason preparing to get back to where I am now.  Having a  great season up to this point, and going all the way back to knee surgery just sucks.. bad.

My biggest concern is that if surgery is needed, doing my rehab in Park City would almost be a requirement.  I moved all my belongings into a storage unit this fall.  I would have to find a place to stay for a few months in Park City.  If anyone reading this has room for me in Park City, and would let me stay, that would be wonderful.  Of course, the MRI on Monday could come back and show minor stuff, but I’m in a lot of pain and not too optimistic.  Also, I’m really worried about my potential medical bills.  Last time, it totaled to about $1,700.  I know it’s not much for the work that’s being done, but it just doesn’t seem fair that I’m stuck with the medical bills.  Maybe it makes sense for me to pay it, but it’s my honest opinion.  Maybe they’ll give me a 2 for 1 deal 😉

I did already have an idea in mind to help with the bills.  Not sure how much I want to give away now, but a friend has offered to help me get into something I’ve wanted to do for a while.  In return, I hope I can bring some exposure to his company.  There are not many elite athletes that are in this industry, so we’re hoping that this collaboration can benefit both sides.  I will keep you posted as we move along on this project, because everyone can help us with very little time and effort.

Anyway, times like these really show me that my teammates genuinely care about me.  It’s an individual sport, but they all went out of their way to see how I was doing or say some kind words.  We’ve all been through similar setbacks, and know exactly what we need to be picked back up.  Also, we have the best PTs and doctors on tour.  Big thanks to Doug Flint, Phil Arnold, and Jess Tidswell.  Big thanks to my family, friends, and fans.  I wouldn’t have had the courage or drive to make the first comeback.  I know I’ll have plenty to drive me though my second, if needed.  We’ll find out Monday!


4 thoughts on “Calgary World Cup/Knee update”

  1. Hi Sho,
    I’ve just read your last update on twitter. I feel so sorry for you. You had an incredible season, this is so unfair !
    But I’m sure you’ll go through this and be back for the next winter.
    I don’t know if it’s gonna help but the same thing happened to me 10 years ago. I am not a professional skier but skiing is my passion ( mostly moguls ).
    When I did my second knee ( one year after the first one ) I thought it was the end of the world. This was so hard and so difficult to accept. Then, you find some incredible ressources that will give you the strength needed.
    So I’m looking forward to see you on a mogul course again. Oh no wait…on a podium I mean !!!
    A lot of positive thoughts.
    Take care,


    PS: sorry for my English ( I’m French )

    1. Sandy, thanks for your comment. You totally understand the feeling. I appreciate the encouragement, patience and hard work is key. I hope you’re still having fun with skiing and your knees feel great. Your english is great, by the way.

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