Life After Skiing

Time to Graduate Thank you for visiting!. I'll be graduating with a Bachelor's of Science in Technical Management from DeVry University in May 2017. As I write this, I have a 4.0 GPA, and have applied for awards for the ceremony. I will update the status on these items as we approach the ceremony dates.… Continue reading Life After Skiing



This winter was all about patience for me, but it's already over.  All that patience paid off, this was a much better experience than my first knee rehab/comeback.  I took an extra 3 months of recovery time and extra training.  In 2010-2011, I came back and skied the entire World Cup tour 9 months out… Continue reading Post-season!

Summer update

I apologize for my lack of updates!  I just checked, and my last update was before my surgery.  I'm now 6 months post-op, and a lot happier.  I've started sprinting, single leg jumping, and getting back into a full strength lifting routine.  I'm feeling pretty good, but we're keeping the impact low.  The ligaments feel… Continue reading Summer update